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Passivation – Many of the parts we receive for Armoloy are made of stainless steel and require passivation. We can save you time and money with our passivation service!

Vapor Honing/Vapor Blasting – Our method of preparing a surface prior to the application of Armoloy, Gullon or Electroless Nickel Plating is a process known as 'Vapor Honing'. Similar to a glass bead blasting, Vapor Honing or Vapor Blasting is a mechanical surface preparation process that uses a fine abrasive in a slurry solution to clean the surface of a part intended for plating. This process is also used as a stand- alone finish in many electronic and military applications.

Our Vapor Hones are 'charged' with 7 micron average diameter particle size abrasive that clean surfaces at 100psi. The result of our efforts in this time consuming methodology are:

  • Extremely Clean Surface to bond Metal Finishing Product on to
  • Crystaline Matrix Surface to aid in Mechanical Bond Strength
  • Minor 'Stock' Removal from Base Material
  • Stress Relieving of Base Material
  • 'Matte' Finish imparted on Base Material

Though Vapor Honing/Vapor Blasting is a time consuming process, it affords a spectacular surface to bond to and far out performs conventional 'chemical' surface preparations and is just one of many 'extras' Gull Industries offers.

Baking – If your parts require pre- or post baking our oven can handle up to 400° F.

Expediting – Our standard turnaround time is 6 -10  business days. However, if you do require a faster turnaround time then we do offer expediting options. Expediting is based on availability.