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Houston, TX 77009

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Quality: Policy

Gull Industries and Armoloy of Texas strives to provide the following to both joint and separate customers:

  • On time deliveries, including "rush" and "expedite" orders
  • High quality services consisting of strongly-bonded plated products meeting all customer requirements
  • Continual improvements in operations, customer services and administrative efforts, to all customers

All levels of management (Board of Directors, Executive Management, Operational and Administrative Managers) are committed to achieving these tasks through a set of procedures, work instructions, forms and records as evidenced by this Quality Manual.

Additionally, management ensures that every employee both understands and complies with the requirements of the organization's Quality Management System.

Finally, management has pledged to ensure that established quality objectives, policies, procedures and instructions shall be periodically reviewed for adequacy, continuing suitability and effectiveness of this Quality Management System.

J. Kelly Mowry
Chairman, Board of Directors
Gull Industries, Inc.
Armoloy of Texas, Inc.
April 25, 2011