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Proven Applications: Molding

Armoloy® TDC reduces maintenance requirements and downtime in the molding industry, including injection, extrusion, blow, pultrusion, RIM and SMC applications.

The life of molding components is extended with Armoloy coatings, particularly when glass-filled and mineral-filled resins are being formed. Armoloy coatings increase material flow due to the smooth, micro-nodular surface produced by the coating, leading to more shots and shorter cycle times. Molding areas stay cleaner longer and require less maintenance when Armoloy coatings are used, and most burned-on plastic/rubber compounds can be quickly removed. Armoloy maintains the required gloss levels and enhances textured surfaces. Post-polishing can improve reflectivity to an SPE #2 level. Armoloy coatings can be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous materials including beryllium copper and Ampcoloy bronze. Surface hardness is increased to 78 Rc with Armoloy coating.

Applications include:
Cavities/Cores Hot Runners Zero-draft applications
Small IDs to .060" Check Rings Pins (K.O./Ejector/Core)
Mold Bases/Plates Barrels Sleeves
Nozzles Lifters Screws
Textured Surfaces Inserts