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Proven Applications: Automotive

Armoloy® TDC coating reduces scrap rates and lowers labor costs in the automotive industry.

The smooth, micro-nodular surface of the Armoloy coating allows for a reduction in the use of lubrication agents during each run, which substantially reduces clean-up and set-up times. Armoloy reduces premature wear and pick-up, allowing more hits per run and less maintenance-related downtime. When maintenance is required, Armoloy can be welded without compromising the coating-the coating is guaranteed not to peel, flake or chip. Armoloy is especially successful in die applications that require forming galvanized material or aluminum. All types of nitrided surfaces can be successfully coated. Surface hardness is increased to 78 Rc with Armoloy. Gull Industries works to meet the needs of JIT inventory programs.

Applications include:
Form, Stamping And Draw Dies (Weights Up To 10 Tons)
Welding Machinery (To Prevent Spatter Build-Up)
Plastic Molds (Glass/Mineral Filled Material)
Chains in Corrosive Environments
Rubber Molds
Forming Tools/Punches