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Bi-Protect is a two step process that combines the increased corrosion resistance of high phosphorous electroless nickel with the proven anti-galling and wear advantages of Armoloy TDC coating.

Bi-Protect begins with a .0002" - .001" deposit of Electroless Nickel which is overlaid with a .0001" - .0002" deposit of Armoloy TDC. Bi-protect is designed to offer customers increased corrosion resistance in addition to the performance characteristics of Armoloy. The electroless nickel base (ENP) not only increases the corrosion resistance characteristics it also offers a base of support for the TDC top coat. Combined with the anti-galling characteristics of Armoloy, its nodular form and very hard wear surface, Bi-Protec is an excellent solution when faced with more harsh environments.

High Surface Hardness – with 78Rc top coat hardness, Bi-Protec offers one of the hardest coatings available and an even greater hardness differential for addressing anti-galling. With ENP to support the Armoloy top coat, performance increases even more.

Nodular Top Coat – The nodular surface of Armoloy TDC is a key to the lubricant retention, friction reduction and the reduction of contact surface. With reduced friction comes increased wear life.

Absolute adhesion - Armoloy® coating will not chip, flake, crack, peel or separate from the base metal under standard ASTM bend tests or under conditions of extreme heat or cold.

Uniform deposits without thickness or edge build-up or "dog-boning" associated with conventional chrome-plating processes.

No requirement for post finishing (except special applications)

Typical Thickness - The standard deposit thickness of Armoloy TDC ranges between .0004" - .0012" with a tolerance range of +/- .00005".