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Coating: Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome

Exclusive Armoloy® Technology Provides Maximum Protection
and Unparalleled Performance.


What is Armoloy®?

Armoloy® Thin Dense Chromium (TDC) is a low-temperature (136°F to 140°F), multi-state surface finishing process based on chrome-plating technology, but displays higher hardness, along with better lubricity, and resistance to galling and corrosion than any other chromium coating on the market. Through a proprietary chemical solution, Armoloy® TDC is produced as a hard, thin, dense chrome coating, where its micro-nodular surface texture boasts benefits that other coatings can't produce, enhancing use, and reducing wear.

High hardness – At 78HRc, Armoloy® Thin Dense Chrome is one of the hardest coatings available.

Nodularity – A key property of Armoloy® is a nodular effect which increases lubricant retention and reduces surface contact area. This in turn improves the wear life and reduces friction.

The dense nature of the coating means high corrosion resistance as the coating is almost free of micro-cracks (conventional chrome +/- 40 micro-cracks per cm2)

Absolute adhesion - Armoloy® coating will not chip, flake, crack, peel or separate from the base metal under standard ASTM bend tests or under conditions of extreme heat or cold.

Uniform deposits without thickness or edge build-up or "dog-boning" associated with conventional chrome-plating processes.

No requirement for post finishing (except special applications)

Simply put, Armoloy® TDC is very slippery, very hard and resistant to most industrial corrosive environments.

Typical Thickness
The standard deposit thickness of Armoloy TDC ranges between .0001" - .0002" with a tolerance range of +/- .00005".

Surface Finish
RMS finishes will improve slightly to (Below the process may deter slightly.) Surfaces greater than will reflect greatly improved finishes.

A Guideline for Armoloy®TDC Success
As the surface hardness and surface finish of your basis metals improve, the performance of the Armoloy® TDC coating also improves.

To maximize Armoloy® TDC performance, components should be engineered to a minimum of 50Rc, 40 pt. carbon steel with a minimum surface finish of .