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Benefits of Armoloy®

Benefits of Armoloy®

Armoloy® provides a very slippery, very hard surface that resists most corrosion. The standard deposit thickness of Armoloy TDC ranges between .0001" - .0002" with a tolerance range of +/- .00005".so it will apply within most design tolerances. Armoloy will also withstand temperatures of -400°F to 1600°F (-240°C to 871°C)

Other key benefits include:


Armoloy® is an excellent solution to galling issues. Many customers have shared stories of how Armoloy® eliminated or greatly reduced their galling issues!

Improved Hardness

Armoloy® will improve surface hardness to 78Rc (Vickers Diamond: 1360/1400)

Improve Lubricity

The nodular finish of Armoloy® reduces the coefficient of friction and creates a smoother  and improved surface. If-needed, additional lubricity can be provided with Gull-on.

Improved Wear Protection

With improved hardness and lubricity your parts will wear better and last longer.

Improved Corrosion Resistance

Armoloy® resists attack by most organic and inorganic compounds, with the exception of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Additional corrosion resistance can be found with Bi-Protec.

Inferior metal surface finish and low part hardness may inhibit Armoloy®'s corrosion resistant properties.

Improved Appearance

Employed as the finishing step for machine parts and manufacturing components, Armoloy® imparts a satiny, silver matte, micro-nodular finish.