Gull Industries, Inc.
3233 Gano Street
Houston, TX 77009

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Welcome to Gull Industries

We are Metal Finisher's who go beyond what is asked or expected by providing the highest quality metal finishing available today!

We currently provide Armoloy Precision Thin Dense Chrome, Gullite (now Armoloy), Electroless Nickel (ENP),  and our Duplex Coatings - Gullon and Bi-Protect. We also provide value added services for Passivation, Vapor Honing and Baking.

Our products will provide you with increased hardness and lubricity and protection from galling, wear and corrosion.

Serving the oil field, aerospace, food processing, nuclear, medical, plastic molding and other commercial and specialty markets, we are dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied, our employees motivated and our business growing.